Try These 10 Natural Cures For Anxiety

Some people’s anxiety is just worse than others, but it’s not a picnic for anyone. Try These 10 Natural Cures For Anxiety to find relief from anxiousness about just about anything in your life.

1. Breathing Your Anxiety AwayJust when you think you’ve heard everything, you find out you’re not even breathing right? Try sitting still for 5 minutes and taking very deep breaths, holding for a count of 4 and slowly releasing it through your nose, for a deep stress relief.

2. Talking through anxiety  Does anyone even know about your problems with anxiety? Sometimes finding a friend to talk about your personal problems will allow you new perspectives and insight into what’s going on with you.

3. Losing it at the walking trackTake a trip to the walking track and try out walking anxiety. Exercise is a proven and trusted method of releasing stress, and making you feel great.

4. Meditate your worries awayWhen you learn to sit quietly and see what condition your condition is in, you give your body and your mind a chance to relax, get rid of accumulated stress, and learn what thoughts are going through your mind that you’ve been missing.

5. Relaxing musicDo you have a favorite music that truly relaxes you? Try some really soothing music, or a CD with nature sounds like the ocean or birds chirping to forget your troubles for a while.

6. Stretch it outWhen you join a local Yoga class you will enjoy the gentle stretching that releases anxiety and stress.Yoga very subtlety teaches you deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques, things we all need in our lives.  

7. Doing Something ElseSometimes you can find something to do and get busy to slow down your mind. You might try something like organizing the closets or bookshelves, and forget you were anxious.

8. Having a showdownWhen you feel like your anxiety is really getting the best of you, try stopping everything, and just look it in the face. Really feel the feelings and sensations, and see just what it is that is trying to overcome you. My secret weapon!

9. Living in the nowLiving in the now is something only a handful of people know about, but it’s worth the visit.Sometimes it’s called mindfulness, but it always means to forget the past and the future, and be fully involved in the present moment.

10. Loving it awayTry really giving yourself and your body with a good massage, or long soaking bath. Buy yourself a gift, do something just for you. You’re worth it!
When you try these 10 natural cures for anxiety you will be so relaxed and stress free that you may forget your worries and anxieties for awhile.

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