Improving The Quality Of Your Life One Step At A Time

Improving The Quality Of Your Life One Step At A Time

Feel like your life is bankrupt sometimes? Knowing how to improve the quality of your life can’t be left for chance or vague notions.
Knowing how others have improved the quality of their lifestyles is what you need. Here are 7 keys to guarantee the quality and substance of your life will get better:  
1. You can’t deny that all of your life hinges upon the quality of your health. Without good health, you can’t maintain the lifestyle you desire, and good health doesn’t stay by accident. Paying attention to your health is the starting place for improvement.

2. The way you handle finances has a direct bearing on the condition of every part of your life. Irresponsibility to money causes untold stress in every part of life. Personal money management is a must when it comes to improving your life. 

3. The condition of your life is reflected by the friends you keep. You are the people you surround yourself with. Are your friends exemplifying the quality of life you desire? Chose friends wisely for the best life possible.

4. Gratitude is the unsung hero of all great people living dynamic and enhanced lives. Gratitude includes a thank you, but goes much deeper. Thankfulness for what you have is an attitude that when practiced brings life beyond your wildest expectations.

5. Simplicity is the opposite of confusion and drama. Make your life as simple as possible by deleting everything in it that you don’t truly love. Take a look around your home, and decide what you truly need, and use. Discard everything else so that your life has room to expand and improve.

6. Give, give, give. Don’t be tricked into thinking that giving what you have no use for will expand the quality of your life. To watch the quality of your life explode start looking around for someone in need of what you have already. Give your money, your possessions, and your time. When you give what you use and need it will come back many times over.

7. Last and not least is a plan to learn how to improve the quality of your life. Set aside an hour each week to do nothing more than think and read about methods for making your life better. This will make you conscious of what needs changing and how to change.Getting the most out of anything always requires giving all you have, and life is no different. Make your life a long and rewarding adventure when you live it with a conscious intention to make it great.

Life is too short to wait! Learning to improve the quality of your life improves the quality of the world. 

Try These 10 Natural Cures For Anxiety

Try These 10 Natural Cures For Anxiety

Some people’s anxiety is just worse than others, but it’s not a picnic for anyone. Try These 10 Natural Cures For Anxiety to find relief from anxiousness about just about anything in your life.

1. Breathing Your Anxiety AwayJust when you think you’ve heard everything, you find out you’re not even breathing right? Try sitting still for 5 minutes and taking very deep breaths, holding for a count of 4 and slowly releasing it through your nose, for a deep stress relief.

2. Talking through anxiety  Does anyone even know about your problems with anxiety? Sometimes finding a friend to talk about your personal problems will allow you new perspectives and insight into what’s going on with you.

3. Losing it at the walking trackTake a trip to the walking track and try out walking anxiety. Exercise is a proven and trusted method of releasing stress, and making you feel great.

4. Meditate your worries awayWhen you learn to sit quietly and see what condition your condition is in, you give your body and your mind a chance to relax, get rid of accumulated stress, and learn what thoughts are going through your mind that you’ve been missing.

5. Relaxing musicDo you have a favorite music that truly relaxes you? Try some really soothing music, or a CD with nature sounds like the ocean or birds chirping to forget your troubles for a while.

6. Stretch it outWhen you join a local Yoga class you will enjoy the gentle stretching that releases anxiety and stress.Yoga very subtlety teaches you deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques, things we all need in our lives.  

7. Doing Something ElseSometimes you can find something to do and get busy to slow down your mind. You might try something like organizing the closets or bookshelves, and forget you were anxious.

8. Having a showdownWhen you feel like your anxiety is really getting the best of you, try stopping everything, and just look it in the face. Really feel the feelings and sensations, and see just what it is that is trying to overcome you. My secret weapon!

9. Living in the nowLiving in the now is something only a handful of people know about, but it’s worth the visit.Sometimes it’s called mindfulness, but it always means to forget the past and the future, and be fully involved in the present moment.

10. Loving it awayTry really giving yourself and your body with a good massage, or long soaking bath. Buy yourself a gift, do something just for you. You’re worth it!
When you try these 10 natural cures for anxiety you will be so relaxed and stress free that you may forget your worries and anxieties for awhile.

5 Minutes of Breathing for Relaxation at Work

5 Minutes of Breathing for Relaxation at Work

Do you ever wish you could truly relax for just a few minutes at work? Deep breathing for relaxation will give you a method to let go of stress anytime, day or night. 
If you can get just 5 minutes of breathing for relaxation at work you can completely re-energize your entire body and mind with this technique. You may think that you just don’t have time to stop unwind, and relax, but all you need is 5 minutes to restart. Fortunately for us, focused and deep breathing is one of the best techniques for quickly letting go of anxiety and stress.

1. Just sit up straight, or stand up, or lie down. Place both of your hands on your abdomen, down around your belly button.  

2. Now breathe in while you are mentally counting to 5. As you breathe in force your stomach out, as much as possible. Feel your stomach protruding out and enlarging. Think of yourself as breathing into your stomach when you practice.

3. Now breathe out for the same count of 5. As you breathe out pull your stomach in, and go to the same extremes you did when you inhaled. Force your stomach in to your backbone and under your rib cage as far as possible, causing a complete exhalation of the air from your lungs. Continue to count to 5 on the inhalation and exhalation, as you feel your hands moving with your stomach. For added stress relief and relaxation try holding your breath for a count of 5 while your lungs are full of air, before slowly and completely exhaling.

When you do this exercise for about 5 minutes, you will feel the tension and stress leave your body as you relax. This technique helps you get enough oxygen into your body, get all of the stale air out of your lungs, and still your mind. As you concentrate on your hands, your body, and your breath your mind naturally becomes centered and brings you back to the present moment. If you are concentrating on these things your mind can’t possibly be concerning itself with the past, or fortune telling about the future. When you find yourself in the moment you will realize that there is no worry or no fear. Not in the moment, those are only in the past and the future. You will be amazed at the difference in your day, and your attitude, when you take just a few minutes and use breathing for relaxation.

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Enjoy Life

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Enjoy Life

Living a healthy life style naturally calls for a healthy body, free from disease and illnesses. It also means that you enjoy a positive outlook about your life, the people in it, and the world.
A healthy lifestyle is one full of energy, without constant stress about aches and pains, and what tomorrow will bring. It’s about living in a healthy body, and enjoying the world around you.Living a healthy lifestyle is built on these foundational steps:

Staying healthy calls for a healthy diet

A diet rich in fresh, whole foods is essential in a healthy lifestyle. When available, always choose foods found in its natural state. Fruits and vegetables have high vitamin and mineral content. Whole grains like quinoa and whole wheat bread should be consumed instead of less nutritious white varieties. 

Vegetables need to make up 50-60% of your total intake of food each and every day. The more vegetables you eat, the less sugar and white flour you will crave and your immune system will help you fight off illness and give you all the energy you need. 

Drink plenty of water. The old suggestion of 8 glasses as day is still what you need to keep every cell in your body healthy. 

Exercise keeps your heart healthy and your body agile.

Just 30 minutes a day of movement can benefit your health by improving joint stability, increase your range of movement and flexibility, help prevent osteoporosis and fractures and improve your mood while reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym. It can be simple things like turning off the TV for an hour and playing outdoors with your kids or taking your dog for a walk. 

If you already exercise regular, add an extra lap in the pool, walk an extra turn around the block, do one more set of reps before quitting. Small increases can make a big difference. 

Chores like shoveling snow, gardening, raking leaves or vacuuming and sweeping the floor are all considered a form of exercise. 

Emotional Health makes all the pieces come together 
Your emotional health plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle. Tune into your body to learn what causes you stress. Have a healthy social life by avoiding negative people and situations. Relaxation and meditation help release negative emotions. Listen to soothing music, meditate, breathe deep to help reduce stress. 

A healthy lifestyle makes life full and large 

In addition to an overall good feeling, a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. A healthy lifestyle makes life worth something to you. When you’re living conscious of your diet, sleep, exercise, and the other people you share the world with, life will take on a new and profound meaning.

A naturally healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer more productive life. You’ll feel less pain, ward off diseases and have energy like you did when you were young. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to live your life, but it isn’t the normal way to live.